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CARBON line for concert guitar

The hallmark of the CARBON line sound comes from using a new generation of synthetic monofile for the treble strings. Because of the high density, CARBON line trebles are thinner than conventional Nylon strings. This together with their greater flexibility leads to a bright and pure sound with superior projection. By combining these qualities with a new conception in tensions across the instrument, the traditional problem of the transition between treble and wound strings is lost. The bass strings are handmade to the highest standards possible, using specially selected Nylon floss and the best quality silver plated copper wire available.

CARBON line is available in three different tensions:
  • blue - light
  • green - medium
  • red - high
A scientific test carried out in a modern high-tech the laboratory with 30 musicians proved the CARBON line to be the significantly the brightest and purest string among other conventional Nylon sets. It also showed that CARBON line was the most sonorous one.

We'll be glad to give advice in all stringing problems with our services stringing calculations and custom made strings also for:
  • 7-string guitar
  • 8-string guitar
  • 10-string guitar
  • 11-string guitar
  • Alto guitar
  • Bass guitar (Schrammelgitarre)
  • Biedermeier guitar
  • Guitar-lute
  • Historical guitar
  • Kinder guitar
  • Double bass guitar
  • Oktave guitar
  • Quart guitar
  • Quint guitar
  • Quintbass guitar
  • Romantic guitar
  • Terz guitar
  • etc.
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