You may find some of the following instruments in detailed stringing suggestions. For all others we'll be glad to send you a comprehensive offer.

Arpeggione Crwth Lyra Nyckelharpa Quinton
Baryton Fandur Lyra da Gamba Octobass Rebec
Chotta Fiddle Lyre Organistrum Trumscheit
Chuur Hardanger Fidel Mandolin Pochette Viola Pomposa
Cister Kemence Mandora Psalterium  




Normally the same tuning as Viola da Gamba Tenor/Bass. With resonance strings (on request).




Tone Vibr. str. length Tension Selection  
  cm Newton Art. -no.
d'' - 1 36 48 D 2052
g' - 2 36 45 D 2073
d' - 3 36 43 D 2097
g - 4 36 45 VD 0150
d - 5 36 45 VD 0195
6-string fiddles: For tunings and
strings also see Viola da Gamba.
Others on request


Tone Vibr. str. length Tension Selection  
  cm Newton Art. -no.
a' - 1 35 49 D 2070
d' - 2 35 45 FD 0100
g - 3 35 43 FD 0150
others on request

The following lists show some stringing suggestions
(a' = 440 Hz), to give you an idea of the wide range of possibilities open to you with our standard strings. For other suggestive combinations please ask for an individual calculation.

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